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Below is a non-exhaustive list of my specialties, which focus on online communications and fundraising. I am happy to discuss further opportunities should your organization require something not listed.

My nonprofit clients generally contract on a long-term basis, with consistent weekly consulting hours. Based on availability, however, I do take on certain smaller-scope projects, including one-time fundraising and communication tasks.

While I’m based in Richmond, VA, I’m happy to meet “face to face” with you via online video chat if you’re located outside of the area.


Prospect Research & Grants Calendar:

  • Creation and maintenance of a prospect research database and calendar

Grant Writing:

  • Corporate and Foundation grant proposals (pending a conflict of interest with other clients)
  • Grant reports

Sponsorship Proposals:

  • Sponsorship and corporate requests for events

Annual Fund:

  • Annual Fund calendars, campaign materials, and data tracking




Check out my conveniently titled “Why Should You Blog?” blog post!


  • Creation and maintenance of a new blog (I primarily use WordPress, but can work with other programs)
  • Maintenance of an existing blog

Guest Blogging:

  • Creation and maintenance of an internal guest blog spreadsheet (finding credible and influential individuals and organization’s to guest post on your organization’s blog)
  • Creation and maintenance of an external guest blog spreadsheet (finding other organization’s who will allow your organization to guest post on their blogs)
  • Composition of all guest posts

Social Media:

Which social media outlet is right for your organization?

Social Media:

  • Creation and maintenance of social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)
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